Webstie Design

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At BrainBeat Productions we specialize in creating simple or complex, well designed Websites. We are also able to do Website Consultancy, website Optimization, Website makeovers for your website.

We chose to use Joomla as our favored CMS website architecture and it can produce a website like the one you are viewing at the moment. It provides the best website solution as once the website is built your website can be self maintained or we can do that for you. Joomla is also very customizable allowing many pluging features into your websit for example you may want a web gallery or a stockmarket ticker or the leatest news from around the world all of these and much more can be embedded seemlessly.

websites we create or makeover are made so that your pages:


Load Faster

A fast website is a good website.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics report 8153.0 - Internet Activity, Australia, Mar 2005 suggests that a majority of Australians still use dial up connections to connect to the internet. This means that most customers will have a maximum download speed of 56kbps and so downloading a web page can take a long time. Long loading times can lead to loss of business as potential customers will leave if they have to wait too long. We aim to create the fastest possible websites to download while remaining aesthetically pleasing by keeping page sizes below 50kb (about 6 seconds).

Look more appealing

attractive websites keep more customers

The look of your website plays a great role in how potential customers interact with your website. Having the right colour scheme for your website can influence their emotions increasing sales.

More Accessible

You may wonder what web accessibility is and why it is important. An fully accessible website is one which has scalable text, can be read by a screen reader and be navigable with a keyboard. There are millions of people with disabilities in the world and they all have a right to use your website like everyone else can. If you don't have a very accessible website you are only going to be decreasing the amount of customers you can have, thus affecting your bottom line. It is also illegal in many countries to have an inaccessible website, there have already been a few court cases where a disabled person or group sued a website for not being accessible. If you would like to find out more about take a look at the World Wide Web Consortium's accessibility website.


Compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines

Accessibility is just one part of the World Wide Web Consortium's guidelines for website development. The aim of the guidelines is to have a unified standard of what web browsers should be capable of and to create website that are usable by everyone, look the some with any graphical web browser, and don't have any errors. Why are they important you might ask, the simple answer is that if you don't follow them your website may not be usable by everyone, be slow to load and not display the same form all users. That is why we will try to create the most compliant website possible while still being attractive.